These Synthetic Ingredients Are Harmful To Your Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best things that can happen to women. At least this is what all women believe. Soon after they hear the news that they are pregnant they start excepting the mom-glow that everybody is talking about. But the reality is different.  The reality is that pregnancy comes with different complexities and mix bags of skin conditions due to the ragging hormone shift. 

This doesn’t mean that every woman don’t get that glow but the ratio is very low. The majority of pregnant women end up with dry skin with greasy sheen’s and acne. The most dangerous thing when this happens is that women start using their common pregnancy skincare products, which are not safe.  If you find any of these skin conditions it is better to first share them with a professional dermatologist and then use the product that they prescribe you. 

Usually, Skin products have different synthetic ingredients that are harmful to our skin and some of them are going to be discussed below. 

  1. Retinoids

This is a derivative of Vitamin A that usually comes in both oral and topical products. These skin products are mostly prescribed to you if you start having severe acne during pregnancy. But this ingredient can cause a birth defect along with some heart and brain abnormalities. It is mostly used in drugs for skincare but the doctor advises to stop them if you are overdoing them. Instead of Retinoids, it is safe to ingest excessive Vitamin A naturally. 

  1. Tetracycline

This is another ingredient to avoid during your pregnancy. This is another antibiotic that women use for acne. If you have the knowledge to use them properly in normal days it doesn’t mean that you can also use it likewise during your pregnancy. This ingredient is very harmful to the afterbirth period if you are nursing your child. 

  1. Avoid products with Alcohol

There are multiple skincare products that have alcohol in them which makes your skin dry. Alcohol interaction on your skin can lead to dehydrated skin and remove moisture from it. Moisture is the only substance which helps our skin to remove wrinkle. So, Avoid skincare products with alcohol to maintain moisture in your skin when you are pregnant. This is harmful to you and your child

  1. Petroleum or mineral oil.

These ingredients are the leftover that comes from the making of crude oil. Products with these ingredients are used to moisturize your skin but they also lock pores of your skin which leads to its suffocation. It stops your body to release toxins. Your body needs to remove toxins to maintain smoothness and complexion. 

  1. Sodium Laureth

Other than these 3 there are several other ingredients that you guys need to stay away from like Sodium Laureth.  This ingredient is used in skin cleansing products and also as a chemical for the floor cleaners. It can screw up the hormones of your skin. 

So, here are some of the synthetic ingredients that you guys have to stay away during pregnancy period. Instead of these, you can use different natural ingredients products to take care of your skin like stretch mark scrub or oil for pregnancy stretch marks.

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