During pregnancy, you need special care and a special routine for your skincare.

It doesn’t matter if you have a drawer full of skincare products, stretch lotions, or what’s your routine to take care of your skin. Once you conceive a baby your skin will show a dramatic change. The main reason behind this drastic change is the rapid increase in your hormone level which disrupts the delicate balance of your skin. Pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive, speeds up its dehydration and skin ability to resist dust also decreases. Your normal skin care routine will be useless during pregnancy, so you need a new pregnancy safe skincare routine. 

There is a series of steps that you can follow to build up this pregnancy safe skincare routine and these steps are followed.

Moisturization is the key

Keeping your skin moisturized is very important during pregnancy. Nothing feels better than a good quality moisturizer after taking a shower in the morning. Pregnancy hormones can agitate different parts of your body to grow and expand which can lead to tight and itchy skin. It can be very frustrating but you can resolve this issue by applying good quality stretch lotion on those parts which are itching. 

The best way to prevent all these unpleasant symptoms is to always use a pregnancy safe skincare product to moisturize your skin in the morning. Most of these pregnancy-safe moisturizers are made with natural ingredients that keep your body hydrated and healthy. Always use those moisturizers which are compatible with breastfeeding.


There are multiple benefits to moisturize your skin during pregnancy on a daily basis

  1. It will help your skin to stay hydrated
  2. Increase collagen level of your skin
  3. Keep the pores of your skin open
  4. Help you remove any wrinkles from your body
  5. Keep your skin smooth

Drink at least 9 glass of water daily

During pregnancy, your skin gets dry faster than normal days, and keeping your body hydrated is very important. As much as water is important for your food requirements it also helps your skin to hydrate. According to research, a normal human needs at least 9 glasses of water to stay properly hydrated throughout the day.

 Extra use of water will make your skin more elastic and it will also reduce water retention in your stomach and belly. If you can’t drink enough water then use any kind of natural hydration agent on your skin so your body won’t get dry. There are various benefits to your skin by drinking a suitable amount of water on a daily basis.


  1. Your skin becomes fairer
  2. It will help to extract impurities from your body.
  3. You will help your body to be hydrated
  4. Consuming the proper amount of water will help you to prevent dry skin.

Try Exfoliate process

Exfoliate is a process in which you remove dead cells from your skin and it is very important during pregnancy to keep your skin healthy. Getting rid of these microscopic dead cells will penetrate deep into your skin and work more effectively. 

There are various online stores where you can find products for exfoliating like Spoiledmama. It is an online store that deals with natural ingredient pregnancy skincare products. 


  1. You will remove dead skin cell
  2. It will help you to increase the growth of new skin cells
  3. Help your skin to breath better
  4. Cracks in your skin start healing
  5. Itchy and dry skin get removed

Use organic products for skincare

Stretch marks and loose skin is not visually pleasant and it can emotionally frustrate women after delivery. Even it is difficult to get back before pregnancy skin back but it is not impossible. 

It is very important to keep in mind that fixing loose skin can take time and using Pregnancy stretch mark treatment cream and Pregnancy belly oil can help you achieve that goal in less time. These creams will help you minimize the scarring and stretch marks on your body. 


  1. They will not have any harmful effect on your body
  2. You will heal your skin naturally
  3. They work faster 
  4. No irritation when applying these products
  5. Long term benefits
  6. Help your skin to be free from artificial products

So, these are few tips that you guys have to follow to keep your skincare routine safe during pregnancy.

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