Complete guidance on Pregnancy stretch marks

Where some mothers announce proudly about their new titles of motherhood, there are many women who don’t want to talk about them. The main reason behind this is the stretch marks pregnancy leaves on their body. Stretch marks are the continuous reminder for women that her body is not like before and it irritates them. After pregnancy stretch marks appear on your body mostly on the belly part of your body.

Every mother starts noticing these stretch marks on the body between 13th to 20th weeks of the pregnancy. The extra weight of the baby because their skin to stretch more than it should and that’s why after the delivery of child-mother gets these beauty marks. There are many different colors in which these stretch marks appear on the body of a mother like 

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Tan 
  • Purplish
  • Brown

Other than belly you will also notice them on your butt cheeks, thighs and breasts as well. Usually, all these areas of the body are mostly covered by clothes but still if a woman wants to wear bottoms less top after pregnancy she can’t. The reason behind this is those belly stretch marks that she gets after pregnancy. 

Why these stretch marks appear on pregnant women’s

These stretch marks are developed due to tiny tears in your skin-supporting layer of tissues. When the extra weight of the baby becomes a permanent part of your body and extra hormones make your skin sensitive and elastic they began to stretch. This probably also has to do with your genes if your mother gets it during your delivery then there are great chances that you will get them too. Weight gain during your pregnancy can also become a factor in the production of these stretch marks. These marks can be use by applying different stretch marks cream and stretch marks prevention cream for stretch marks.  

Tips to secure your body from these stretch marks

There are many ways and home remedies through which you can secure body or minimize the danger of getting these stretch marks. 

Moisturize your skin

Dry skin is more likely to get stretch marks than the one with proper moisturizers. Dry skin can get cracks easily, but if you continuously moisturize your skin, it will minimize the tendency of stretch marks on your body. You can use tummy butter for stretch marks, it will not just only help you prevent stretch marks on your belly after delivery, but also provide proper nourishment to your skin as well. 

Provide nutrients to skin from inside

Nourishment from the inside for skin is as much important as the nourishment from outside. You have to eat healthy during your pregnancy, so your body will get the proper nutrients. Eating Vitamin C rich foods can help your body to get proper nourishment from inside. 

Keep a check on your weight

Overweight is another big factor which plays an important role in getting stretch marks on your body. It is up to you how you are going to maintain your weight during pregnancy. The simple trick is by never letting your cravings overpower your will. Try to eat less of your craving during pregnancy as you can best cream for stretch mark prevention pregnancy.

Removing stretch marks takes time

Even if after all these things, still you get the stretch marks, and then keep in mind that they will take a period to go. There are no shortcuts to get rid of these stretch marks. There are many products available in the market like Pregnancy oil, which you can use daily to remove these stretch marks. there is lots of stretch marks present tummy f moms and that is not effective for skin at all , we should be careful about our skin and also take care of marks with different creams and different bio oils and stretch marks removal creams.

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