Why Do My Nipples Hurt? – Nip stick A Complete Antidote To Sore Nipples

Dilemmas that Provok

We got you covered! You are going through the pain of sore nipples, we are well-acquainted with how it could be so much stress. Cracked nipples could make you restless as the continuous pain is seriously intolerable. 

If you are reading this blog then we have great news for you guys, just answer a quick question; Are you a new mommy or mommy to be? If yes then stop worrying and leave the rest on spoiled mama’s Nipstick.

Spoiled mama’s Nipstick has been concocted of safe and cruelty-free ingredients to keep you and your baby safe. Sore nipples would start to soothe with the moisturizing and healing properties of this effective Nipstick.

Why is Nipstick the Ultimate Cure?

Nipstick is specialized to make your mommy experience super- impeccable, the no-harm ingredients of this product would be a great addition to your dressing. Now cure your sore nipples with Nipstick, as this frequent pain could escort you with the perpetual dryness and cracks around your nipples. 

Nipstick- Sore Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding

  • Nipstick sore nipple cream is made up of 100% organic ingredients & a lanolin-free Nipple butter. 
  • Cruelty-free ingredients, ultra-healing breastfeeding helps you swiftly relieve sore and cracked nipples associated with nursing. 
  • Cocoa and shea butter conditions & moisturize cracked sore nipple pain

e Sore Nipple!

Sore nipples could throw in extreme pain but it isn’t subjected to mommies only. It could happen in any woman after adolescence and there are plenty of reasons underlying it. The pain could be substantially caused by tight or ill-fitted undergarments that draw severe jeopardy to the health of nipples.

Sore nipples are more likely to occur in the women who are prone to fungal infections, it may escalate a yeast infection of the nipples, and is a kind of fungal infection caused by Candida albicans.

To a serious side, sore nipples aren’t of trivial issues especially if you are a mommy. Sore nipples could be a because of the lump formation that is formally called breast cancer.

Pregnant woman belly and flowers, Pregnancy photography in studio

Pregnant women are widely encountered with sore nipples because the hormonal changes within a female body produce more estrogen, which prompts the growth of breasts and eventually enhances the production of milk. 

Hormonal Reason for Sore Nipples!

Estrogen is responsible to escalate the amount of blood circulating through the body, and when combined with progesterone and other hormones, it can cause nipples to become sore, discolored, and ultrasensitive. 

Breastfeeding mommies are likely prone to nipple pain, as a newborn baby latches onto the mother’s breasts, the areolar tissue partially stretches, causing the nipples to lean towards tenderness. 

Additionally, some mommies come across chafing or bleeding while breastfeeding. Most of these issues evolve from inappropriate positioning of the baby on the breast.

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